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Women , Men and Peace

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Women, Men and Peace Workshop

 " This is what humanity does to itself - we are all complicit in this ". (Richard Howard, Provost, Coventry Cathedral, November 15th, 1940 )

 This integrative workshop  experience offers an opportunity to explore connections  between personal and familial destinies and the larger forces that may have shaped our experiences as men and women in our relationship patterns and capacity for intimacy and meaningful collaboration, often for generations. In order to release  the burdens of the past, Karl-Heinz and Anngwyn  offer a peaceful atmosphere of  mutual respect and combined expertise within an innovative combination of trauma and systemic constellation work designed to address both overt and covert causes of pain, conflict and misunderstandings between men and women, often referred to as "opposite genders" which are also mirrored in the larger conflicts zones throughout history and in our modern societies , as well.

Organised by Sue Hanisch:-


FRIDAY 16 June 2017 10:00hrs to 17:00hrs

SATURDAY 17 June 2017 10:00hrs to 17:00hrs

SUNDAY 18 June 2017 10:00hrs to 17:00hrs

VENUE:- Coventry Cathedral, Lecture Hall, 1 Hill Top, Coventry CV1 5AB


Our Legacy

Given that both presenters are children and grandchildren of War, as well as citizens of historically enemy cultures, finding individual and collective paths toward reconciliation has been an ongoing theme  throughout their 16 years of friendship and work together.  Over time, they came to realize while the potential for war and peace exists in all relationships between men and women ,conflict can take precedence  if  parents or grandparents or other ancestors were at war or engaged in other conflagrations  or persecutions, such as ethnic, genocidal,  religious or political oppression, class struggles or other traumatic events. From a systemic perspective  it appears to also be true,  in the case of an individual whose parents or even grandparents were involved in  serious conflicts, that this may result  in a  lack of inner peace  and difficulty to feel truly "at home " in any intimate relationship.   If we are willing to understand this hidden reality , we can honor this mystery and find ways to reconcile our real and imagined differences to open new paths to good and lasting solutions.

It is an honor and privilege to offer this event at Coventry Cathedral , where the fiery genesis of war has given our world a sacred place consecrated  to the challenge of healing the wounds of history, wounds of conflict, and wounds of divisions, in support of the learning to live with differences and to celebrate the diversity intrinsic to all human relationships.

About Us

Sue was the victim of an IRA bombing in London in 1991.  She is deeply involved in the Forgiveness Project and uses the Human Givens approach to work with traumatised individuals both in the UK and overseas.  The date she was injured in Victoria Station, London, was 18 February 1991, which was the 50th anniversary of her grandfather’s death in Coventry on 18 February 1941.  Her other grandfather was also killed in the same year in the bombing on Hull.


Sue has become involved in the Sustainable Peace project in the UK and travels at regular intervals to participate in events in Northern Ireland and Eire.  She has worked in Bosnia with camp survivors, in Palestine with refugees and in South Africa.  She also works with recovering servicemen who grapple with their survival.

Today she is a trained psychotherapist working with people who have suffered from a variety of Post Traumatic Stress disorders. She uses many techniques and skills from her own personal experiences of trauma in conjunction with her OT training to release the traumatic memories from the body.

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